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Joseph Dubuc

This is his story from student to reporter to campaign manager to Member of Parliament to Chief Judge of Manitoba. On his journey from poor farmer’s son to knighthood, he befriends Louis Riel and later becomes his most bitter enemy. He is the soul of integrity, religious, a bit pompous and self-righteous. His mission is to preserve the rights of the Metis and French-Catholics in the West.

Louis Reil

Riel is a student, lawyer and rebellious head of the Provisional Government of the Red River Settlement. He works with Dubuc at school and the Settlement but with the illegal Rebellion of 1885, they part ways. He is executed by the Canadian establishment as he is in the way of expansion in to the Canadian west.

Annie Henault Dubuc

She is the almost lost love of Dubuc. This pretty lady comes from the landed French-Canadian aristocracy. She plays piano really well and is witty and resourceful.

Thomas Scott

This is one of the most controversial villains in Canadian history. He is 6ft 2 hot tempered psychopathic killer. He is Riel’s worst enemy and after he is executed by Riel, he becomes a martyr for the Orange movement in Ontario.