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Pope John Paul I

66 years old, is an ultra-liberal who wishes to root out corruption in the Church and sever links with the Masons and organized crime. He is a humble man of God who wants the Church to serve the faithful, not the petty bureaucrats within Vatican Inc.

Father John Magee

42 years old is Irish and a secretary to JPI. He is actively gay and acts as a spy on JPI for Gelli and Villot to further his career. He is a rising star in the P2 Masonic Lodge. The price he pays has deadly consequences

Cardinal Giovanni Benelli

57 years old, has been banished to Florence, due to the enmity of Bishop Marcinkus. He is JPI’s strongest ally. He also knows the inner workings of Vatican Inc. He is considered the “Kissinger” of the Vatican.

Father Diego Lorenzi

34 years old, was Cardinal Luciani’s personal secretary and now has followed him to be secretary to JPI. He is devoted to JPI and tries to get him to stick to a schedule. He worries about the Fatima prophecy.

Licio Gelli

59 years old is Grandmaster of the rogue P2 Masonic Lodge. He is a ruthless Mafia member who kills those who oppose him. He is a devout Catholic.

Cardinal Jean-Marie Villot

73 years old, is French and the first non-Italian Secretary of State of the Vatican. He opposes any changes to the Church. Although ill, he clings to power by whatever means possible. He is a high ranking member of the P2 Masonic Lodge. Bitter, he always wished to be Pope

Bishop Paul Marcinkus

56 years old is a brash American who is head of the Vatican Bank. He is known as “God’s gorilla” as he saved Pope Paul Vi from an attack from a would-be assassin. He is also a high-ranking member of the P2 Masonic Lodge. He believes he is infallible.

Cardinal Cody

71 years, old is Cardinal of Chicago. He truly believes he is a prince of the Church as he keeps his mistress in the lap of luxury. Tens of millions of dollars are missing from his diocese and he also launders money for the Mafia.