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The eccentric patrons of the dilapidated Capt. Jake’s are desperate to save their bar and way of life from encroaching gentrification. Think “Cheers”? …think again, at Capt. Jake’s, the beer is cheap and the barmaids are hot.

The bar, Capt. Jakes, is  rundown. It’s definitely seen better days, but if you want sexy characters, we’ve got plenty.  Take Elke, the flaxen haired Viking princess, who keeps the drinks flowing with a smile as she nudges her bountiful breasts against the bodies of the male regulars. You want controversy. Try India, the cantankerous hippie weed dealer, who sits sentry at the door. He enjoys making provocative and offensive comments as he flees for a toke from the unwanted advances of Ocean, the den mother of the bar.

You want music. Try our jukebox or sit back and listen to Geri, who sings her heart out every Tuesday evening. Her hysterical contagious laugh and bawdy humour inject the dive with some light-hearted moments. You want heroes. Go no further than Maverick, the former captain of a professional hockey team, who spearheads the “Save Capt. Jake’s” crew.  Losing is not in his vocabulary, but high heels are a must for him on special occasions.

 You want an evil villainess, voila Sylvia, a bombastic ball-breaking bitch with money and too much time on her hands. She is Chair of the Board of Governors which runs the building where Capt. Jake’s is located. She fights Maverick for the soul of the neighbourhood. However, their mutual sexual attraction is fulfilled with “rough trade”.

Roll the drums for the chatty parrot, Sinbad, who comments on the antics of the regulars and mimics their outrageous comments. Through the eyes of Sinbad and his owner, Capt. Jake, and the CCTV cameras everywhere,  we take you, the viewer, each week on a crazy magic carpet ride.