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Frank Wilks

Frank Wilks (performer, co-writer) began his career as a solo musician in the mid-seventies playing small clubs in Toronto. Then in 1984, Frank met up with Music Hall of Fame bass player Bruce Palmer of the "Buffalo Springfield". Becoming fast friends, Frank and Bruce, along with Stan Endersby, developed the band 'Buffalo Springfield Revisited'. Also Music Hall of Fame, drummer Dewey Martin was brought up from California to prepare for an American tour as 'Buffalo Springfield Revisited'. This band toured extensively across the USA and Canada for six years. Frank has performed in concerts in front of 50,000 people with such bands as Spirit, The Chambers Brothers, Iron Butterfly, and the The Guess Who.

Frank Wilks (image courtesy CBC)

Frank Wilks was the 'new member' who replaced Neil Young in the band. Frank was just 29 years old when he hit the road with Bruce Palmer, Dewey Matrin and Stan Endersby. It was a baptism of sex and drugs and rock & roll. You can find a complete biography here on Frank's website.

Neil Young

Neil looks grumpy

Although he never appears live onstage, as the title suggests,
Neil Young is an omnipresent force: in the story, the music, and in Frank Wilks life.

As Rolling Stone explains in this 2012 article, "Buffalo Springfield broke up in 1968 after spending just two years together. They reformed for a private rehearsal in the mid-1980s, but after Young opted to not reunite, drummer Dewey Martin and bassist Bruce Palmer hit the road with new members under the moniker Buffalo Springfield Revisited". Frank Wilks was Neil Young's replacement in the band.

You can learn more about Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield and the other members of the band in the Background section of our website.