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We are introduced to the holographic projected head of Bob Hefner, who speaks to us and his fellow old Weathermen, Marsha, Kathy, Axel , Paul and new recruits. Bob, as narrator, recounts the formation of the Weathermen Underground Organization in 1969. He shows Young Marsha and Young Kathy who barely escape with their lives from the historic accidental bombing in Greenwich Village. Our story continues with the participation of our then young members in the Kent State Massacre. Cheryl, Axel’s girlfriend, dies in a hail of bullets. Bob narrates over a montage of protests, horrific events and wars from 1991-2011. Bob asks the group to form the New Weathermen. Axel and Paul discuss their attitudes toward killing people.


We meet the first corporate criminal and target, Dan Rathburn, CEO of Dexter Mining. Dan breaks the union with armed guards, dogs and “scabs.” Dan and his cohorts conspire to dupe the mine safety inspection and ignore hundreds of citations. He also refuses to spend any money to make his workplace safe. As a result, a methane explosion erupts killing 29 miners. Dexter Mining in “spin mode” shifts any blame for their negligence to natural causes. We are shown a funeral for one of the popular miners followed by the dedication of a granite memorial. Bob reveals that Dan received a golden parachute of $70 million dollars for his services to the industry while the miners’ families were awarded a paltry $1.5 million each.


The New Weathermen vote to accept the mission to execute Dan Rathburn. The mission takes them  to Las Vegas where Dan is receiving an award at the annual mine owner’s conference at the Hotel Bellagio. Connie and Freddie, new recruits to the cause, go undercover as employees of the hotel. Paul and Axel set up a “kill station” on the roof of an adjacent hotel. Connie, as a maid, installs mini-cams in Rathburn’s suite while Paul places a “loop” device on the CCTV system. This enables Marsha in California to both monitor all the activities. There is a crisis when the loop runs out and the live feed resumes but Marsha saves the day. Connie, while cleaning Rathburn’s bathtub, is groped by him. This causes a struggle where he gets hold of her gun and tries to kill her. Luckily, Axel is is able to shoot him from the roof.  They leave Las Vegas undetected. A manifesto from the New Weathermen claiming responsibility is sent to the media. A federal task force is established to find them.