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Project: Death Squad: The New Weathermen TV Pilot
Status: Available for option or sale
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Title: Death Squad: The New Weathermen
Logline: Remnants of the 60s radical group The Weathermen combine with new recruits to form a vigilante force which executes corporate criminals.
Genre: Thriller, historical, drama, 60’s political subculture
Format: TV pilot
Number of pages: 53
Approx. runtime: 60 minutes
Synopsis: See Plot
Lead role(s): See Characters; Bob Hefner, Marsha Newman, Paul Harvey, Axel Deutsch , Connie Drake. Freddie George and Dan Rathburn
Writers: Don Lamoreux, Joanna Eshelby
Writers bio: See Biography 
Representation: Don Lamoruex Productions
Telephone number:  (+1) 416-698-0018
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