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Bob Hefner: The Disembodied Head

Bob Hefner, 66 years old at the time of his death. He meets Paul and Axel during the Kent State demonstrations. He inherited billions of dollars from his father’s technological inventions. Bob is known as a philanthropist involved in worthy world causes. He is dead throughout the series appearing in holographic images inspiring the members of the “New Weathermen” as they embark on the quest to execute corporate and political malefactors. Bob acts as the narrator (protagonist).

Dan Rathburn

Dan Rathburn, 45 years old, CEO of Dexter Mining, union-buster, high risk taker, tyrant. His greed and negligence that cause 29 miners to die needlessly. He is the first target and a prototype for corporate villains in later episodes. (antagonist)

Marsha Newman: The Hacker

Marsha Newman, 65 years old, has been a mentor to Lily Hefner and a den-mother to everybody else.

Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey, 65 years old, is also a former member of the Weathermen. He is a Vietnam vet and sharpshooter. Paul and Axel joined "Vets Against the War".

Axel Deutsch

Axel Deutsch, white. 65 years old, survivalist, has become a recluse and given up on all causes. Although he is a defeatist, he joins Bob Hefner's quest. He is also a sharpshooter.

Connie Drake

Connie Drake, 38 years old, bi-sexual martial artistloves Lily. She also agrees to join the quest.

Wallace Baker

Wallace Baker, 45 years old, widower and reporter with MSNBC, is a real ladies man. He is a real ladies man. Bob Hefner hires him to research various corporate and political crimes where there is loss of life.


Lily Hefner, 35 years old is, like Lily, a bi-sexual martial artist. She is the “defacto” leader of the group and administrator of her father’s legacy.

Freddie George

Freddie George, African-American, 32 years old is a foster son of Bob Hefner.